Suing Over Bad Air Conditioning Repair

Alpha Air tells about air conditioning technicians can be scary especially when you have to pay a high electricity bill because your unit was not installed the proper way. Any contractor who performs work that is below commercially accepted standards can be sued for any damage, costs or losses that are incurred as a result of their negligence. If the contractor you hire fails to pay you voluntarily, then you will need to sue him for negligence (failure by the contractor to exercise due care to prevent foreseeable harm). However, suing over bad air conditioning repair requires you to prove negligence or a breach of duty (the failure by the contractor to exercise due care) as well as the proximate cause, actual cost, and damages.

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Proximate cause refers to any intervening or unforeseeable acts which may relieve your contractor of liability. If there are no such acts, then you have established proximate cause. On the other hand, actual cause means that damage was caused as a result of poor air conditioning installation. The amount of compensation that you seek in your lawsuit is referred to as damages. This includes the electric consumption bill as a result of an improper installation, cost of a unit is installed and the cost of repairs.

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