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Find everything you need to know about criminal justice and legal schools, police training, paralegal studies and top criminal justice careers in the United States.

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Congratulations on taking your first steps towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in the Criminal Justice Field. We're here to help YOU make the best decisions for a successful career by proving a wide array of educational literature from leading online Universities and Colleges. Browse criminal justice degree programs and request a FREE course catalog from all that interest you.

Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation

Police Training

For those who want learn about trial proceedings, constitutional concepts, and criminal case law. As a graduate of police training, you may qualify for advanced positions within police departments and other law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies may require additional training.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security Degree

Would you like to aid in the protection of our country? Due to recent terrorist events, there is an increased demand for trained safety and security employees throughout the nation. The Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security degree will provide you with a solid foundation in planning, implementing, and managing security operations.

Crime Scene Investigation

Forensic Science

Learn about the practices and tools used to analyze and measure crime and explore the processes of psychological profiling, crime mapping, and intelligence gathering. This emphasis area focuses on the skills and techniques essential to crime analysis. As a graduate you may qualify for a crime analyst position in a law enforcement organization.

Public Safety & Security

Public Safety

With the field of public safety becoming broader and more complex, there is increased demand for public safety leaders who are knowledgeable on a range of public safety, criminal justice, and emergency preparedness issues, and have the business and human resources skills to effectively manage a complex organization.

Law & Justice Administration

Legal Degrees Online

Browse legal degrees online that will allow you to gain the knowledge needed to pursue high-level opportunities in law enforcement, security, court systems, education, and training.

Criminal Justice Colleges

Advance your career and increase your job opportunities while continuing to work and achieve personal goals without sacrificing time away from your family. Online education at criminal justice schools is convenient and flexible, allowing you to maintain professional and personal commitments while pursuing a high-quality education. We're here to help you to easily and quickly find the right online degree and college for you.

Types of Criminal Justice Programs

Online criminal justice programs are continuously expanding to keep pace with changes in homeland security, new specializations and the increasing demand for specialized law enforcement officers and legal expertise. These online degree programs are designed for prospets at all levels who want to expand their skills and qualifications, pursue specialized areas of practice, or advance into supervisory roles or teaching positions.

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